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As all of you know (I hope!), I’m Maggie Choo, and I recently had the unique opportunity to visit a place that shares my name – Maggie Choo’s in Bangkok. Nestled in the bustling heart of Bangkok, this hidden gem transports you back to the glamour of 1930s Shanghai. I can’t wait to share my unforgettable experience at Maggie Choo’s Bangkok, a captivating speakeasy bar that offers a blend of history, elegance, and modern-day chic.

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Stepping into Another Era

Stepping into Maggie Choo’s was like entering a time capsule. The entrance is unassuming, tucked away in the basement of the Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom. As I descended the stairs, I was immediately greeted by a whimsical atmosphere that felt like a secret waiting to be discovered. The dim lighting, vintage decor, and eclectic mix of furnishings set the stage for an evening of enchantment.

The Allure of Maggie Choo’s Bangkok

Maggie Choo’s Bangkok is not just a bar; it’s a journey into the past. The space is adorned with rich drapery, antique furnishings, and a collection of curiosities that evoke the opulence of old Shanghai. The highlight of the decor is the row of vintage rickshaws that line the bar area, adding a touch of authenticity and charm.

Live Entertainment

The experience at Maggie Choo’s is enhanced by the live entertainment that graces the stage every night. From jazz bands to sultry vocalists, the performances are a throwback to the golden age of jazz, perfectly complementing the speakeasy ambiance. The music, combined with the intimate setting, creates a captivating atmosphere that makes you forget you’re in the heart of Bangkok.

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Signature Drinks and Delectable Bites

The menu at Maggie Choo’s is a delightful fusion of Asian and Western flavors. The cocktail list is extensive, featuring both classic concoctions and innovative creations. Signature drinks like the “Opium Trail” and “Shanghai Mafia” are a must-try, each crafted with precision and flair by the talented bartenders. Pair your drinks with delectable bar bites, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night.

Themed Nights for Every Taste

One of the unique aspects of Maggie Choo’s is its themed nights. Each night offers a different experience, from burlesque shows to masquerade parties. The staff, dressed in period costumes, add to the authenticity and immersive experience. It’s this attention to detail that makes Maggie Choo’s a standout destination in Bangkok’s nightlife scene.

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Tips for Visiting Maggie Choo’s

  • Dress to Impress: The ambiance at Maggie Choo’s is elegant and sophisticated. Dressing up a bit will enhance your experience and make you feel part of the glamour.
  • Make a Reservation: Maggie Choo’s can get quite busy, especially on themed nights. It’s a good idea to make a reservation to secure your spot.
  • Arrive Early: To get the best seats and enjoy the full experience, try to arrive early in the evening. This way, you can also enjoy the happy hour specials.
  • Explore the Menu: Don’t just stick to one drink. The cocktail menu is extensive, so take the opportunity to try a few different creations.
  • Immerse Yourself: Embrace the themed nights and participate in the fun. Whether it’s a burlesque show or a masquerade party, getting into the spirit of the evening will make your visit even more memorable.

Practical Information

  • Address: Maggie Choo’s is located at 320 Silom Road, Suriyawong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. It’s in the basement of the Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom.
  • Hours: Maggie Choo’s is open every day from 7:30 PM to 2:00 AM.
  • Contact: For reservations or inquiries, you can contact them at +66 2 635 6055.

A Must-Visit in Bangkok


Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to unwind or a traveler seeking a memorable night out, Maggie Choo’s Bangkok is a must-visit. Its unique blend of historical charm and contemporary flair makes it a perfect spot for those who appreciate the finer things in life. So, the next time you find yourself in Bangkok, make sure to step into the world of Maggie Choo’s and let yourself be transported to a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.

As someone named Maggie Choo, visiting Maggie Choo’s was a surreal and delightful experience. It truly captured my heart, and I’m sure it will capture yours too.


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